Gilbert Chagoury the Diplomat

Economic Advisor to the President of Benin

Gilbert Chagoury has demonstrated his commitment to the development of the Republic of Benin through his service as an economic advisor to the President Mathieu Kèrèkou in 1996. The economy of Benin was experiencing a recovery since its transition to a democratic government in 1990.

In 2006, when H.E. Yayi Boni was elected President and Head of Government, he appointed Gilbert to continue his economic advisor.

Chagoury has strong ties to Benin as that is where he got his start as a businessman with his father-in-law, Nabih Chamchom. He was happy and proud to have been able to serve in an advisory role to the President sharing the knowledge and experience he had gained in developing his business empire in support of the economic growth and development of Benin.

Benin’s Economy

While Benin’s economy remains underdeveloped and largely dependent on subsistence agriculture, the private commercial and agricultural sectors of the economy contribute the most growth.

Economic growth in the Republic of Benin

Economic growth in the Republic of Benin has maintained a 5% increase, inflation has declined and the country’s new economic policies are focused on attracting foreign investment, attracting tourism, developing food processing and agricultural product for home consumption as well as export and, importantly in this 21st century high-technology environment, developing communication technology.

The privatization of formerly government owned industries continues to contribute to the development of telecommunications, water, electricity and agriculture in this burgeoning, West African nation.

Gilbert’s Leadership and Governance

Gilbert has a strong belief that with good leadership and governance, Africa’s economy will continue to develop and flourish.


Ambassador, Permanent Delegate of St. Lucia to UNESCO

In 1995, Gilbert to Chagoury was appointed Ambassador, Permanent Delegate of St. Lucia UNESCO.

Representative of Gilbert’s commitment to development and moved by his desire to protect this Caribbean Island and it’s sensitive eco-system, he worked diligently to ensure St. Lucia’s full and active representation at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Ambassador Chagoury gave St. Lucia such a high profile that when he ran a candidacy for St. Lucia to the Executive Board of UNESCO, St. Lucia was elected with the highest number of Caribbean and Latin American votes ever.

St. Lucia Pitons Site Recognized by the World Heritage Committee

Ambassador Chagoury lobbied passionately for St. Lucia to be represented on the World Heritage Committee. In 2001, St. Lucia was elected to the international body with the highest individual country score, becoming the first Caribbean state to sit on this prestigious body whose mission is to protect and conserve the over 900 locations on the World Heritage List around the globe. The Ambassador and his team at the Permanent Delegation, promoted the famous St. Lucia Pitons’ site until they succeeded in having it placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Ambassador Chagoury has also been appointed as Permanent Representative of St. Lucia to UNOG Geneva, and personal Representative of the Prime Minister to the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie.

Ambassador for St. Lucia to the Vatican

In recognition of Ambassador Chagoury’s dedication and commitment on behalf of St. Lucia, the government appointed him to represent St. Lucia at the Vatican, becoming Ambassador of St. Lucia to the Holy See.

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