Gilbert R. Chagoury


Gilbert Chagoury

Gilbert R. Chagoury

Gilbert R. Chagoury is an industrialist, advisor, ambassador and philanthropist who is really just a family man at heart. Born on January 8th, 1946 in Nigeria to Lebanese immigrant parents, Gilbert’s happy childhood years growing up as one of eight siblings gave him a sense of freedom and fearlessness familiar to many children growing up in Africa.

When he became a young man, Gilbert left Nigeria to attend the Collège des Frères in Lebanon. When he returned to Nigeria, Gilbert followed his passion for business joining a Nigerian company and quickly becoming one of their youngest Executive of Sales at 17.

During a visit to Lebanon in 1967 Gilbert met his lifelong partner and soul mate, Rose-Marie Chamchoum, who was the daughter of a prominent Lebanese family from the same small village in northern Lebanon as the Chagoury family. In 1969 Gilbert and Rose-Marie married and they had four children, Ramez, Gilbert-Antoine, Christopher and Anne-Marie. All of the children studied at the American University in Paris but both Gilbert-Antoine and Christopher graduated from New York universities. Gilbert and Rose Marie have been blessed to date with 4 grandchildren and are looking forward to many more.

In addition to his role as the founder of the Chagoury Group, Gilbert Chagoury is an Ambassador for St. Lucia to UNESCO, and a former economic advisor to the president of Benin. He was awarded and inducted into the The Order of Saint Gregory The Great at the rank of Commander. His Holiness the Pope gave Gilbert Chagoury and his family a private audience in October, 1998 and again in January of 2011.

Gilbert is well known for his generosity and commitment to his community as expressed through his many Philanthropic gifts in the areas of health and education. The Chagoury’s also love art and Gilbert was appointed Commander of the Order of Arts et Des Lettres in May, 2000, and the Louvre named the Gilbert et Rose Marie Chagoury Gallery in their honor after their generous donations.

Gilbert Chagoury was inducted into the “Order of National du Benin” with the rank of Commander, and he was appointed Ambassador of St. Lucia to the Holy See in 2004.

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