My brother-in-law, George Chamchoum, who is himself quite an accomplished film director and producer, surprised me with this video montage of passages of the past and present daily life in the Chagoury household. George entitled this bio documentary “This is Your Life!”. Enjoy!

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  • Antoine Dali

    I am Lebanese who attended school at the Collège des Frères des Écoles Chrétiennes in Tripoli from 1948 to 1960.
    I remember there was a Chagoury in my class whose first name I forgot. We made our first communion together. Possibly he could be cousin to Mr. Gilbert? I was boarder student and there were many boarders from Miziara whose parents were in Africa, I remember two cousins Minas, Rizk …
    In 1960 I attended Laval University in Quebec City where I earned an BSEE and subsequently I went to Boston where I earned an MSEE and I worked for four major companies among them GE and Raytheon Co. I am retired and still in the Boston area.
    I am proud of the achievements of Mr. Chagoury and happy he is a good Catholic Maronite and a philanthropist.
    A question to Mr. Chagoury; during what years were you at the College des Frères in Tripoli?

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